​​​Grand Water & Sewer Service Agency

Notice of cancellation of local district election: Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-1-206 “A local district board may cancel an election…if the number of local district officer candidates for the at-large local district offices, including any eligible write-in candidates does not exceed the number of open at-large local district offices for which the candidates have filed; and (b) there are no other local district ballot propositions.” On September 20, 2018 the Spanish Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District passed Resolution 2018-09-20 certifying that there were three qualified candidates for three open positions and there were no local district ballot propositions and declaring Gary Wilson, Mike Holyoak and Ken Helfenbein elected for a term of four years ending in January 2022.

/s/Rick Thompson, ClerkPublished in the Times Independent 10/18 and 10/25/2018.

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