​​​Grand Water & Sewer Service Agency


To utilize our expertise, knowledge, experience and long range planning to secure and maximize the resources to protect our community's health and welfare by providing culinary water, irrigation water, and wastewater collection services with a commitment to efficiency, sustainability, safety, and public awareness.

​​​Corbie Shumway

Kristi Taylor

Shauna Vink
Billing Clerk/Records Officer

Operator I

​​​Dusty Schriver
Operator I

Agency & Districts

was formed in 1999 through an interlocal agreement between the districts: Grand County Special Service Water District, Grand County Water Conservancy District, and Spanish Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District, with the purpose being the "undertaking and financing of the services to be provided by and the ongoing operation and maintenance of all water and sewer systems, buildings, facilities, equipment, grounds, and all other resources and assets which are the properties of the districts and agency."

Our Awards

2002 Utah's Best Tasting Water

Rural Water Association of Utah

​2012 System Resource Efficiency Award

Rural Water Association of Utah

2016 Outstanding Wastewater Service to Customers

Rural Water Association of Utah      

2022 Outstanding Water Service to Customers

Rural Water Association of Utah 


Grand Water & Sewer Service Agency

Josh Green
Operations Assistant

Operator III

Mission Statement

Company Profile

Ben Musselman
Agency Manager

Tyler Shumway
Operator I

Our Staff

When you're dealing with Grand Water & Sewer Service Agency, you're in the best of hands. Here are the core team members of our operation that keep it running smoothly and efficiently.